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Stations of the Elevated

Stations of the Elevated

Apr 22

“Lumbering, skronking, and wonderously paint-bombed, Stations of the Elevated is a proto-hip-hop bliss-out, a masterpiece of train and tag-spotting.”—Village Voice

Secret Cinema

Secret Cinema

Apr 24

Throw caution to the wind and see what we have in store for you!


Ohio Shorts
Screening and Reception

Apr 25

Join us as we show the best in Ohio-produced short films—whether documentary, animation, dramatic narrative, or something in-between.



May 1

“Their story is both a cat-and-mouse thriller, told in well-handled reenactments, and an examination of the abuses of government power that could hardly be timelier.”—The Wrap

On the Way to School

On the Way to School

May 2

In many parts of the world, getting to school is a challenge in itself, and this globetrotting documentary shows us what some young people must face simply to make it to the classroom.

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For information on any additional tickets that may be released for Ann Hamilton and SITI company’s the theater is a blank page, be sure to sign up for the waiting list here.


Catch the best in Ohio-produced shorts from both adults and youth (and get a chance to vote for your favorites) this Saturday at our Ohio Shorts Screening and Reception.


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