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National Gallery

National Gallery

Jan 24

London’s National Gallery of Art, one of the world’s foremost art museums, is the latest institution to be the subject of a film by the great Frederick Wiseman.

Black Cross

Black Cross

Jan 25

The first Polish historical blockbuster and still the most-viewed Polish film of all time, Black Cross is a widescreen medieval epic overflowing with sumptuous pageantry, thunderous action, and glorious Eastmancolor.

Two Blue Lines Trailer

Two Blue Lines

Jan 27

Shot over a period of 25 years, Two Blue Lines examines the human and political situation of Palestinian people from the years prior to the creation of Israel to the present day....

To Kill This Love

To Kill This Love
Mother Joan of the Angels

Jan 29

To Kill This Love is a scrappy, bitterly funny, and ultimately heartbreaking love story set against the harsh backdrop of the communist regime; Mother Joan of the Angels, a strikingly designed and feverishly intense spiritual drama....

Gregory Markopoulos: Film as Film

Jan 30

Tied to the remarkable book Film as Film: The Collected Writings of Gregory J. Markopoulos, this program of short films ranges from the precious early psychodramas that he made in Cleveland to his acclaimed 1964 film Twice a Man.

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