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Aug 28
Film/Video Theater
A landmark in computer animation, Disney’s Tron follows programmer Jeff Bridges after he is transported into a digital world and has to fight his way out as a videogame gladiator against a series of artificial intelligence–controlled threats.
World of Tomorrow
Sundance Film Festival Short Films
Sept 1
Film/Video Theater
The 2015 Sundance Institute Art House Project Shorts program includes a diverse mix of six films from the most recent Sundance Film Festival.
Cincinnati Goddamn
Director's Dialogue on Art and Social Change, featuring a screening of
Cincinnati Goddamn
Sept 2
Mershon Auditorium
Advancing the role of the arts in sparking meaningful dialogue about contemporary issues, this fall’s Director’s Dialogue features the powerful and timely documentary Cincinnati Goddamn...
The Third Man
The Third Man
Sept 3
Film/Video Theater
“One great scene after another! One great shot after another! I’ve seen it 50 times and it’s still magic.”—Roger Ebert
Let Us Persevere in What We Have Resolved Before We Forget
The Garden of Earthly Delights:
Recent Films by Ben Russell
Sept 9
Film/Video Theater
“What do we do now, now that we’re happy?”—Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot

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