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ReelAbilities Film Festival Columbus


A floral watercolor work in progress. Two additional pieces of paper with more abstract watercolor shapes of repeating lines and circles lie beside the floral watercolor.

Join us for a cross-disability community gallery tour and artmaking session, organized with Art Possible Ohio for ReelAbilities Film Festival Columbus.

Deaf Café is an accessible experience for anyone with or without disabilities who is interested in sensory exploration of the arts beyond hearing. Enjoy an ASL-interpreted tour of our current exhibition Meditation Ocean with a gallery educator, followed by a guided artmaking workshop with local self-taught artist Mania Drosak.

Light, dietary-inclusive refreshments will be provided in the café after the tour, during the making session, which will conclude at 4:15 PM. Come share food, drink, and conversation following the ReelAbilities screening of No Bone: Scars of Survival.

Deaf Café is free to attend, with registration limited to 15 participants. Registration closes March 24.

Registration is currently full. Contact Accessibility Manager Helyn Marshall by email at or by phone at (614) 688-3890 to be added to the waitlist. Transportation access support—determined as part of the registration process—will be provided as needed.

Untitled floral watercolor, courtesy of Mania Drosak.

More about ReelAbilities

ReelAbilities is a groundbreaking film festival that promotes awareness and appreciation of lives, stories, and artistic expressions of people with disabilities, all through the easily accessible artform of film. Learn more about the festival on Art Possible Ohio’s website.

"I cannot change my disabilities and see them as part of what makes me unique."
Mania Drosak

About the Artist

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Deaf Café teaching artist Mania Drosak was born hearing, to Deaf parents. After having an illness as a toddler, she gradually lost more hearing and is now a Deaf adult. Drosak proudly has two Deaf children herself. Growing up hard of hearing and wearing hearing aids in the 1980s and 90s, she says she certainly didn’t fit in with her hearing peers, yet she was not Deaf enough for her family. An early diagnosis of ADHD was another isolating factor of her youth, and art was therapy for her loneliness.

Organized in partnership with Art Possible Ohio.

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