Daily Stream: Wex virtual screenings as of September 11

Melissa Starker, Creative Content & PR Manager

Sep 11, 2020

A close-up of a young Cambodian boy with the sea and the beginning of sunset seen in the background

It's movie time! Check out what's streaming in our virtual screening rooms, from free presentations of works by artists who utilized the Wex Film/Video Studio to features being shared in partnership with independent distributors, to engaging talks with authors and filmmakers.

Premiering today: Buoyancy

A young boy is seen alone on the deck of a well-worn fishing boat on the water

Images above and at top of page courtesy of Kino Lorber Films

"A harrowing edge-of-your-seat adventure tale with social punch.”—The Hollywood Reporter

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Holding: Beau Travail

A circle of men surround a single man on a beach with the sea in the background

Image courtesy of Janus Films

"What Ms. Denis has made of 'Billy Budd' is the visually spellbinding cinematic equivalent of a military ballet in which the legionnaires' rigorous drills and training rituals are depicted as ecstatic rites of purification, the embodiment of an impenetrable masculine mystique before which the director stands in awe."—New York Times

New restoration!

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Holding: Made in Bangladesh

A group of 5 Bangladeshi women in bright saris walk together through a marketplace

Image courtesy of ArtMattan Films

"There’s more than one fire raging at the core of this gripping, neorealist tale."—Austin Chronicle

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Also holding

An image collage of 16 square photos of rabbits in competition at the Ohio State Fair

From Xan Palay's Last American Summer; image courtesy of the artist