Daily Stream: Wex virtual screenings as of May 22

Melissa Starker, Creative Content & PR Manager

May 22, 2020

Four young Kenyan children in makeshift masks and superhero costumes, from the film Supa Modo

Spend a little of the long weekend with some terrific picks from our Film/Video team. A portion of your ticket to screenings presented in partnership with independent distributors helps keep the Wex going.

Premiering today: No Data Plan

Scene from the film No Data Plan

Image courtesy of Sentient.Art.Film

“This isn’t an issue documentary. I want it to be seen not for its issues but for the mere existence of being on the train and observing the world and also the potential precarities of traveling across the geography of the United States.”—Filmmaker Miko Revereza in Vox

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Premiering today: Supa Modo

A young girl in makeup and a superhero cape in a scene from Supa Modo

Images above and at top of page courtesy of Juno Films

"A love letter to the power of escapism."—Little White Lies

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Holding: Fourteen

Scene from the film Fourteen

Image courtesy of Grasshopper Films

"A wise, graceful but viciously felt study of middle-school best friends whose bond becomes a burden the further they recede into adulthood, it resorts neither to buddy-movie cliché nor melodramatic angst in portraying the ways we outgrow our friends, and they us."—Variety

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Holding: The Times of Bill Cunningham

Scene from the documentary The Times of Bill Cunningham

Image courtesy of Greenwich Entertainment

"Bozek’s film—narrated by Sarah Jessica Parker—captures both his artistry and his fizzy, elfin charm."—Time

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Scene from the film A White, White Day

A White, White Day, image courtesy of Film Movement